Monday, May 10, 2010

Playoffs, Playoffs?

The season ended last week. Alex, Mike, Jen and I had a comfortable lead, but there was still a small chance we could slip to second. Even if it was small, though, the thought still made us a little nervous; besides the obvious satisfaction of winning the regular season, first place meant a bye to the third round.

We finished 19-19, kept first place, and we play Friday at 6:30 instead of having to play Monday night, win, then win again Thursday night to make it to Friday. That’s two rounds we don’t have to sweat.

It’s been a good season. Personally, I got moved from being a 7 to an 8 and finished with a .650 winning percentage overall. Mike moved from a 4 to 5 and finished with .600 winning percentage. Alex finished with a flurry of wins to get a winning record and solidify our hold on first. And Jen, considering it was her first season, did great, finishing at about .500.

We’ve had some moments. The first time we ran into our former team captain was a little awkward. The thrashing Mimi’s team gave us our first time against them smarted. When the season began, I was single; midway through, I had a beautiful face to share a beer with after a tough loss(or a great win). I was called a liar, but won anyway. I blew a 3-0 lead, but seemed to learn from it(I hope). And I moved up.

Mike went through at least three prospective roommates before finally having someone move in at the beginning of May. He took a trip to India, came back and just kept on winning.

Jen used a house cue her first few matches; now she has her own two-piece cue. She made a game winning shot that made the house-pro smile, and it was only one of many incredible shots I saw her make this season.

Alex got a new cue1 and kept kicking ass. In three seasons he has three winning records, but more importantly, he’s alway there to share a beer, a story and a laugh with. I couldn’t ask for a better teammate.

No matter what happens Friday, it’s been a great season, with a great team. Can’t wait for the summer session.

1Technically a new shaft, but I’m not writing that.

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  1. lol@footnote

    and yes, it was a great season, 2nd place, and a great start to the next one. vegas here we come baby! (hopefully... lol)