Friday, September 25, 2009

The Players

This is the Fall 2009 edition of Cueing Me Soflty:

I'm a web developer for an ad agency in New York City. Originally from the DC area, I moved to the Big Apple a little over two years ago. One day, stoned, I wandered into Amsterdam with my friend Alex to shoot a little. We saw a flyer for league play and decided, why the hell not? Something to do on Tuesday besides drink.

My friend, my co-worker, my partner in crime. He was hired about a year after me and we started hanging out after we discovered we had a lot of common interests(pool, poker, drinking, women, drinking, coding, writing, and drinking). Wow, I really make us sound like a couple of lushes.

Like Alex and me, Mike was a rookie our first season. We all got paired with Henry. A hell of a nice guy, funny, with great taste in music.

Our newest member, a quiet, sweet-dispositioned and sweet shooting girl.

The girl next door - literally. She lives next to the pool hall.

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