Friday, September 25, 2009

The Players

This is the Fall 2009 edition of Cueing Me Soflty:

I'm a web developer for an ad agency in New York City. Originally from the DC area, I moved to the Big Apple a little over two years ago. One day, stoned, I wandered into Amsterdam with my friend Alex to shoot a little. We saw a flyer for league play and decided, why the hell not? Something to do on Tuesday besides drink.

My friend, my co-worker, my partner in crime. He was hired about a year after me and we started hanging out after we discovered we had a lot of common interests(pool, poker, drinking, women, drinking, coding, writing, and drinking). Wow, I really make us sound like a couple of lushes.

Like Alex and me, Mike was a rookie our first season. We all got paired with Henry. A hell of a nice guy, funny, with great taste in music.

Our newest member, a quiet, sweet-dispositioned and sweet shooting girl.

The girl next door - literally. She lives next to the pool hall.

Monday, September 21, 2009

About This Blog

Every week, dozens of pool players of all abilities, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and degrees of mental health descend upon Amsterdam Billiards in Manhattan to play in organized leagues. During the summer of 2009, I played in my first league. It was fun, challenging, frustrating and rewarding. The dash of excitement and drama(not to mention the waitresses) made me feverishly look forward to Tuesday night. I met a lot of cool, interesting people - making friends and rivals(often being the same person).